Frequently Asked Questions

about lypo-somal vitamin c iv

Take 1-3 teaspoons every 1-3 hours until 4 teaspoons have been taken daily. Smaller dosage can also be taken as maintenance. As with all dietary supplements, always seek the advise of your qualified healthcare provider.
Lypo-Somal Vitamin C IV is composed of 1000mg Vitamin C, 124mg Sodium Ascorbate, and 400mg of Liposome Proprietary Blend (Phosphatidycholine Complex). Other ingredients included are Purified Water, non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (an essential lipid blend), Glycerin (from palm kernel), Natural Flavors, and Stevia Extract.
Genetically engineered (GMO) foods are from crops that are often sprayed with harsh chemicals. Corn, soy, and wheat are some of the crops that are genetically modified. The Sunflower Lecithin we use in our products are Non-GMO, have not been genetically modified, and are safe to use.

benefits of taking lypo-somal

Our Lypo-Somal supplements don't use capsules, tablets, or powder to deliver the nutrients, and instead are encapsulated in fat cells called liposomes. This is the most effective way of delivering the nutrients and ensuring that the vitamins are being absorbed by the body. Our Lypo-Somal Vitamin C IV can produce serum levels of vitamin c double than any oral form of vitamin c in the market today.
Lypo-Somal Vitamin C IV is the portable version of the high-dose intravenous vitamin c. Taking 4 teaspoons provides the bioequivalence of taking 24 grams of Vitamin C IV. It is the most efficient, non-invasive way of taking high-dose vitamin c.
Currently, there is no supplement that will cure or prevent disease. Although Vitamin C may help shorten the duration and severity of colds caused by viruses, and is an important nutrient that keeps your immune system functioning properly, high doses are still being studied for their potential to decrease lung inflammation, and more research is necessary. In studies of its effectiveness against viruses that cause the common cold, vitamin c doesn’t appear to make you any less likely to get a cold — but it may help you get over a cold faster and make the symptoms less severe.

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