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Lypo-Somal Vitamin C IV recognizes the effectiveness of IV infusions of Vitamin C in boosting the immune system and improving over-all health and well-being. IV infusions deliver 100% of the nutrients directly to the cells that ordinary oral Vitamin C supplements can't do. However, IV infusions or sessions can be costly, since most of the time they are perfomed in medical facilities and by trained medical professionals.

The 'liposomal' delivery method provides an efficient way of delivering nutrients. Liposomes are tiny nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell comprised of healthy lipids and a hollow aqueous center that can be filled with a variety of substances, such as Vitamin C. With the Vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes, they are quickly absorbed, and far more potent than any other oral supplement. You get the results you normally get from an IV infusion without the needle, and just by taking it orally.

Lypo-Somal Vitamin C IV only utilizes the latest liposomal technology. Our Vitamin C IV meets industry standards for quality and have undergone rigorous quality testing processes for ingredient purity and potency. We strive to bring to the market the best delivery system for high dosage Vitamin C as an affordable alternative to IV.

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